Reuben George Theological Seminary (formerly known as Gospel Bible College and Reuben George Memorial College of Theology), which is the educational arm of The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) was founded on the 3rd January 1972 by The GOFAMINT Executive Council. It started with the Ministerial Certificate Programme and operated this for many years before progressing to Certificate in Theology, Diploma in Theology and later on the Bachelor of Arts in Theology all in progression. With the progress of education and the development of the Nigerian Churches, it became evident that there was a need for a more advanced theological training for all Christian workers. To this end, the Executive Council of the Mission decided to expand the curriculum of the College with a view to preparing students for a degree in Theology.
This website shows what Reuben George Theological Seminary stands for. With all faithfulness to God that the vision of the founding fathers is kept alive, we hope that the standard will be sustained always. The present curriculum contains a brief history of the Seminary and our projections. Reuben George Theological Seminary offers a wide range of theological education, ministerial formation and professional skills necessary for efficient and fruitful ministration in the church. The type of ministry that God approves of is such that requires training for the wholesome care of the total man. The Seminary trains to cater for all the needs of humanity without exception. Reuben George Theological Seminary is the Seminary that teaches the Word to the perishing world. From inception, the College has produced General Overseers, Deputy General Overseers, Bishops, Assistant General Overseers, (Regional pastors) District Pastors, Area Pastors, Evangelists, who are today vibrant and burning for the Lord in various fields and ministry. You are therefore welcome to Reuben George Theological Seminary, a citadel of theological education in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.